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Child Custody

Do you want custody of your child but are not sure what steps you need to take? At the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin we can help you if you are a New York parent seeking custody of your child. Having an attorney on your side can make all the difference in your case. A New York custody attorney with experience handling child custody cases will know and understand what must be provided to the courts in order to win custody of a child. Custody is always awarded in the “best interest of the child” and our New York child custody attorneys will look to prove to the courts that you can provide a safe, stable, secure and happy environment for your child long term.

Factors that Affect Custody

In order to win custody, our lawyers will need to prove that you are both financially and emotionally fit to provide and care for your child. These are the two most important factors, as a decision will be made based upon the best interests of the children. We can do this by providing the income level of both parents and explaining to the judge why your home is the perfect match for your child. In the case that you are willing to share joint physical and/or legal custody with the other parent, we will work to make sure that any arrangements pertaining to child custody and child support are fair. If you do not want to share custody or if the other parent is unfit, we can help by asking the judge to award you sole physical custody and/or sole legal custody. We may be able to achieve this by showing proof that the other parent is incapable of properly caring for your child.

Another factor to consider regarding custody is medical history. If either parent’s physical or mental medical history prove to be unstable, then the court will be less willing to award custody to that parent. A lot of what goes into a custody decision also involves the physical and mental capacities of the children as well. For example, if a child has a medical condition that requires extensive treatment, then the parent who is most able to meet these needs will be granted custody. The child may even be able to make a choice as to which parent they would rather live with, provided that they are old enough to make this decision. Overall, it is important to remember that the family court will act in accordance with what they see as the best interests of the children.

Out-of-Court Child Custody Agreements

The first step we will take as professional New York child custody attorneys is to complete the necessary documents, file a petition with the court and obtain a court date. It is extremely important to us that you get the best possible outcome for your child custody case. In some instances, if both parents can agree on custody arrangements we can negotiate and come to a legal agreement out-of-court. The New York child custody lawyers at the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin have been helping parents just like you for a combined 40 years. Contact a New York child custody lawyer at our firm today if you are a parent of a child in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, New York City or Brooklyn, New York.

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